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Monday, June 29, 2009

G-shocks...where is this taking me?...the village?

Ok...so in the not too distant past, I blogged about how I'm really digging g-shock watches right now. However, over the weekend I got the cold slap of reality that I really needed. I was dead-bent on bying a new watch so bad, I was about to settle for a white g-lide g-shock, which I have turned down several times, until:
*enter 2 "hipster-ish" guys (whose g-shocks looked meticulluosly color coordinated w/ their clothes) behind me*

Hipster A: Hey man look at this, here's the g-shocks
Hipster B: Aw man, I need this red one.
Hipster A: It's a plain one
Hipster B: Yeah, but I love the color

Hipster A: I'm loving this one, it matches my pradas, you know the pair.
Hipster B: Aw man, that joint would look good on you.
That was my cue to exit, w/o a new watch. Is that where the g-shock train leads to; on the midnight train to San Francisco!?! I'm begging someone to hit me up in comments to explain if people like the watches b/c they are hip or just because they are unique.