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Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm sorry - Drakeamania must be stopped!

* pic spotted on :http://sashayandswagg.blogspot.com/2009/04/aubrey-drake-graham.html

So I'm driving off from my job so I turn on the local (NY/NJ) hip hop station Hot 97 & what do I hear for the 3rd time today (mind you I have only been in my car for like 1hr collectively today)- of course "You the you the best/ Best I ever had, Best I ever had". I'm used to that now, so I turn to the other hip hop station (105.1) & what do I hear? yup that same awful song. I actually turn to Top 40 radio & endure Lady Gaga singing about riding the "disco stick", to avoid this song. At least that's over...so I think, only to turn back Hot 97 to that one mixtape song from that hipster chick bait of a mixtape. Really Hot 97? You're on this guy's "disco stick" (apparently that's the new "lollipop") so much you're playing mixtape cuts?! Then, no lie I deal with the song, then turn back to 105 to "And we like her/ And we like her too".

That was the last straw: This greasy bodega looking, child soap star, Vanilla Lil Wayne needs to be stopped. I am calling out to any guy to tell me honestly, what is the big deal?! I can see the mindless Plies/Bow Wow audience falling for him, but grown men?! This has gone too far. Please step up your standards people.