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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cam'ron & DJ Drama - Boss of all Bosses mixtape review

Cam'ron and DJ Drama link together to bring yet another Gangsta Grillz mixtape that is sure to "set the streets on fire". A plus to the mixtpae is that everything is new, not counting the leaks,. Especially with how lackluster Crime Pays sounded, I was definitely looking foward to new Cam. Unfortunately, like Public Enemy #1 in 2007, he uses the mixtape to showcase his new "artists"; Vado, Byrd Lady, Darnell, and Charlie Clips. Sidebar: Whatever happened to that Penz dude who was all over Public Enemy? Anyway, musically, this makes Crime Pays sound like a Rick Ross cd, yes the production is that bland, but it is a free mixtape so what do you expect. There are a nice amount of good moments though. The songs with Mase and Rick Ross are good, not to mention Cam's rhymes are consistent through the whole cd. Even Vado, who is pretty much on every song does not embarrass himself. It's just the production really was bland, a lot of the time. Honestly, the best beat was on the Charlie Clips solo "Stop", which was supposed to be a preview on the sequel to the tape. Hopefully it will be a more interesting listen.

5.9/10 Listen to: "Get It", "Drama", "Can't Say Goodbye" & "Stop"
Avoid: "We In This Thing" (really the songs did not stand out enough not to like)