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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Love/Hate of Pop Art

So I guess I should explain what exactly Pop Art is for those not in the know. Pop Art is art that uses things in media & pop culture to make art out of. For example, the infamous Campbells Soup paintings by Andy Warhol are considered pop art. Today, being influenced by pop culture, a lot of Pop Art has been intertwined with music. Takashi Murakami, japanese artist, who also done famous collaborations w/ Louis Vuitton, did almost all of the promotional art for Kanye West's 2007 Gradation album (That's why the album cover looked so trippy). NY artist KAWS, who is known for his "Original Fake" clothing line, as well as his "art" is doing similar work with rap duo, The Clipse. Then, there is So-Me, who does all of the art for Ed Banger Records artists like French Electronica duo, Justice. I think it's cool that the lines of art & music are intertwinning, but a lot of what I see doesn't really strike me as impressive. In my opinion, *brases self for hate of the uber-hipster art crowd* all KAWS does is find famous cartoons and crosses out their eyes, then waits for the boatload of money someone will eventually fork over. The work I've seen from So-Me reminds me of a collage made from the '70's "School House Rock" ,except it costs 700$ to buy. Judge for yourself below:

So-Me's Complex cover shot w/ Keri Hilson, which inspired this post. I love looking at Keri Hilson in general, but I dont need the creepy '70's animals looking back at me in judgement:

Or take a look at KAWS's "original":

I am not an artist, nor do I claim to be, but c'mon. If this is what makes money, I should quit trying to be a therapist right now, google image the Geico Gecko, clip art some wings & a pimp hat on him, and I could porbably make enough money to last 2 months. No hate intended, I'm just saying...

*the spaceman says everybody look down, it's all in your mind*