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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I finally listened to the Blueprint 3: Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3 review

Initially I didn’t want to give BP3 a chance since the leeks were frankly…atrocious. “Off That” is a cliché bouncy, yet still monotone Timbaland throwaway club attempt, with Drake at his most interchangeable, “Venus ys Mars” is the same thing (minus Drake or club intentions), and Reminder is still horribly annoying. Luckily, they were easily the worst songs. The singles “D.O.A.”, “Run This Town (Feat. Kanye & Rihanna)”, and “Empire State of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys)” are indications for the album as a whole. The album has lyrics, but are overshadowed the the catchy beats and guest hooks. “On to the Next One (Feat. Swizz Beatz)”, “Already Home (Feat. Kid Cudi)”, and “Young Forever (Feat. Mr. Hudson)” are all replayable and are definite highlights. It’s also nice to see Kanye at his best, actually using pretty unexpected samples, rather than the laziness he’s been known for lately (“Swagger Like Us” “Brooklyn We Go Hard”, and “Make Her Say”). In all the album turned out very good, minus the maybe 5 low points of 15 songs. To answer my own poll; it is good (rather than the expected weedplate).

8.6/10 Listen to: “D.O.A.”, “On to the Next One”, and “Young Forever”
Avoid: “Reminder”, “Off That”, and “Venus vs Mars”