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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is NBC's Black History Month Menu Racist? Mmmm...

pic via sloyoyster.com

We all know NBC is no stranger to shuckin' & jivin' (i.e. Tracy Morgan), but peep how 30 Rock celebrates Black History Month. Their menu now includes fried chicken, collard greens w/ smoked turkey, white rice & black-eyed peas, and jalapeno cornbread with aquafina water or soda for 7.50. Apparently this from ?uestlove of the Roots'twitter (Jimmy Fallon's not too awful Show's band). Honestly, it probably isn't maliciously racist (it's still racist though). Maliciously racist would be adding packets of Kool-Aid to go along with the water. Not to mention for 7.50 that's a good deal. Sans the rice & black-eyed peas, and the fact it's at NBC studios, I'd be all over that. The problem more or less is that people should have been informed beforehand, because who wouldn't have foreseen this backlash (...OH AND THAT IT'S RACIST). Definitely not the best look for NBC.

Here's ?eustlove's twitpic: