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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story

When I first walked into the theatre, I thought I was just dragged into using my Friday night to watch a depressing documentary about how big business finger-pops the average person. When I left the theatre, I realized that was exactly what happened, but the movie itself was entertaining. Also, I learned some interesting facts:
o Apparently a Taco Bell manager makes more than your average pilot… seriously. Apparently the pilot that’s flying you to your luxury vacation 8 out of 10 times just came off the food stamp line.
o Your favorite companies love to hire people that are likely to die so they can make insurance of them. Honestly, as horrible as it sounds, it could be worse. It’s a recession people…& the sickly need jobs too. If you’re frail-looking, I suggest you fill out a Wal-Mart application and take that job. I mean you’ll be dead so you wont feel them dance on your grave.
o Only old people see documentaries on Friday nights. We were the only people there under 40 (I assume, it could have been older). It definitely didn’t have the mass-appeal of Zombieland.
If you’re into being edu-tained, go ahead and see it. I’d suggest going to the matinee though. It’s not like you were gonna bump into Mr/Mrs Right if you went on a weekend night anyway.