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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Sorry...But She Is Just Too...How Can I Say it Tastefully?

Not that I'm HUGE on pop music, but as I've said many times I love some ornately produced alterna-pop. The biggest name in pop music today is Lady Gaga and let's be honest, she knows how to make a catchy song. Though I would never blast it on my car radio (especially in some parts...say Plainfield) I actually kinda liked "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". She really has great production. "Bad Romance" is no different...except it sounds straight (...ok not straight) out of an alternative lifestyle ball. I don't discriminate, I believe in love & let love & what not, but really...does the music have to be so ga...frui..."festive". Then the video...what the hell what was that. Is it symbolic of something. The vid starts off as her as sperm? I guess, then she becomes a robot, then a polar bear, and lights on fire. It's a 5 min wtf moment and the pop audience is gonna love it. Good thing that "Fame Kills" Tour got scrapped & Kanye isn't associated w. the 10 10 10 shabam-ness (google it).