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Friday, November 6, 2009

Twitter is on Notice!!

I've been flooded with exams and papers to blog as much over the past two weeks (things have calmed down now, so expect more regular posting), but Twitter FINALLY responded in restoring my twitter account: TWO MONTHS LATER

My original e-mail: (Sept. 16)
My name is _______ and I mistakenly deleted the wrong twitter account.
The account I accidently deleted's user name was SpacemanNEL and the
password to the account was ________. The verification to restore my account
was supposed to have been sent to ___________, but I have not
received it any of the few times I clicked to receive an account restoration
verification. Is it possible for the restoration verification be sent to
__________? Thant would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Their response: (Nov. 2)
Got it!

Your request made it to Twitter Support. Someone from our support team will review it as soon as possible. Please note: we do not accept attachments. If your request included an attachment, please reply to this email with the contents of the attachment in the body of the email, or we will be unable to see the details of your request.

...really twitter? It took 2 months just to say you'll look at it. This is why facebook is winning, you guys need to step it up. Who runs twitter anyway (I assume some stupid twatwaffle with adult ADHD and/or Tourettes who honestly believed random people would care about listening to every little thing that pops up in their head, because real people he/she knows doesn't care. Dude probably is a bed wetter...). Anyway, if twitter keeps up, they'll end up like Xanga (I'm assuming you just thought "what the hell is Xanga"...exactly). That's just how I see it.