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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That's It! Billionaire Boys Club Is Officially Dead

I thought the whole BBC/Ice Cream/BAPE fad was over when every little hoodrat had the bootleg BAPE hoodies back in 2005, which took away from the exclusivity of the tackiness. However, since people thought it was dead, it was cool for just the hipster rappers to keep their BAPE & BBC on, so it went back to being exclusively hip. Now though, it's officially dead. I know they didn't just acid wash a pair of (unquestionably skin tight)jeans, put a picture of a fox/rabbit/jackel jumping on the crotch hole. and you know it's gonna sell for an arm & a leg. Shame on you Pharrell Williams for continuing to make horrible looking clothes, and making virturally the same 6 songs for over a decade.

*pic spotted on freshnessmag.com

Btw: What is that thing on the crotch of the jeans and why does it have to be right on the lap?! Is it a fox or a rabbit? Sidebar: Does anyone even wear BBC under a certain tax bracket?