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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cam'ron & DJ Drama - Boss of All Bosses 2 mixtape review

After a long wait, the sequel to the summer’s Cam’ron and DJ Drama collaboration is finally here. I reviewed the last one when it came out…6 months ago, and I remember hoping that the sequel Cam’ron alluded to would be better. Well, half a year later, that mixtape really grew on me, and I appreciate the “mixtape-ness” Boss of All Bosses 1 had. The real purpose of a mixtape is to promote; not necessarily to be a cohesive project, which is what the album is for. Over time, the rap game evolved into a genre of music where some artists don’t even get an album before their 5 seconds of fame is up, so mixtapes have been treated like albums to ensure the rapper gets their fare shot. Because of this, ironically, these days an artists’ mixtape can come out better than the album meant to promote. When comparing this mixtape to Cam’s last album “Crime Pays”, honestly the album’s high’s were higher (as they should be), but this tape was a lot easier to listen to throughout the whole way, compared to Crime Pays’ lows, not to mention this tape’s predecessor, Boss of All Bosses 1. This tape’s flaws are that of any Cam’ron project; The tape seems too long, too much filler, too many unfunny skits, and not enough solo Cam’ron. Like part 1, Cam’s new protégé Vado is on virtually every song and he is not a bad rapper, however he does not have the character of Juelz Santana and Jim Jones or raw lyrical ability of JR Writer or Hell Rell. Unfortunately, none of the aforementioned former protégés of Cam are present (again). However, as ususal Cam’s trademark off kilter rhyme scheme and dry wit are the highlights of the tape. Lines like “Her blackberry, color of strawberries/my pradas were blueberries, she tweakin’ like starberry/ listen boo them boys silly like Mark Curry (comedians)/ girl don’t miss the boat so Ma hurry!” on the Oh Boy-esque “Ohh Baby” or “Fuck all the press and the media/I’m vest with the heater/ my dudes come to see ya, dressed like Madea” on “Do Wrong” show Cam is still master of his craft. One difference from the 1st Boss of All Bosses is that the production value is consistently much better, courtesy of Aarabmusik, who has been getting a lot of hype himself lately. Boss of All Bosses 2 turned out to be worth the wait… even if the wait was 6 months from when Cam said it would originally come out.

7/10: Listen to “Ohh Baby”, “Stop It Slime”, and “Point the Finger”
Avoid: “Get Away” and “Nothing Personal”

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