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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Domino’s Pizza Finally Admits How Horrible Their Pizza (Is) Was

So I was watching TV last night, and all of a sudden a Domino’s commercial for their horrible, sweatshop factory mass-produced pizzas came on. At first I thought it was just another ordinary commercial, but then the chef dude read complaints about their pizza that I have thought to myself for years. The complaints were about how their “crust tastes like cardboard” and “sauce tastes like ketchup”. Really, I was taken back by their honesty. That crust does taste like cardboard, while their sauce does taste like ketchup. I don’t mean Heinz ketchup either, that stuff is good. I put it on everything (have you ever tried Heinz Ketchup + Lays Potato chip, it’s the poor man-child’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Fries). When I mean their sauce tastes like ketchup I mean that horrible, tasteless store brand ketchup that is always on sale because it literally takes ¼ of a cent to make a bottle’s worth. Now their pizza crust is supposedly made w/ garlic butter and their sauce has more herbs or something. I’m still not going to faithfully buy Domino’s though. It’s not that Pizza Hut is really much better… well it is, but I have never been to a clean Pizza Hut, and I know people who worked for Pizza Hut who admitted to spitting in the food, so I don’t trust them either. I just think for your money’s worth just hit up the no-name Chinese place down the street (there’s always one near-by). I just thought it was really desperate to admit they’ve been selling horrible pizza since the ‘80’s. Not to mention whenever I think of Domino’s I think of this…