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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You’re Favorite Music May Be Used To Torture at Prison Camps

So like 2 weeks ago, I was watching ABC’s World News, since I like to keep up with current events, and I found out something interesting. Apparently at Guantanamo Bay and prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, they use music to torture detainees in interrogations. The music is played extremely loud and looped over and over again for hours, and in a video from Russia Today, a former prisoner explained afterwards the interrogation detainees “could barely walk”. It has gotten so bad that musicians have banded together to get the government to declassify when music was used for torture and to stop the practice. I can understand it though. Music is supposed to be an art form that people devote their lives to creating. It’s kind of a let down, to say the least, to know what you have put so much into is actually seen as so bad for a person it can be used as torture. Like that those awful Kesha & Lil’ Wayne cds I reviewed recently. They were painful for me to listen to at normal volumes only once. I could not imagine listening to them at sound barrier breaking levels for hours. Here’s a list of some artists they use as torture and the 2 videos:

Sesame Street
Marilyn Manson
Christina Aguilera
Bruce Springsteen
The Bee Gees
assorted commercials

ABC World News
Music Used to Torture at Gitmo

Russia Today