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Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 songs you need to hear right now

Ok, so before I start reviewing (trashing) anything, I guess its appropriate that you know my taste, so I think I should review 5 songs you need to hear, because they are so good or the equivalent of recording a bowel movement(in no order). After this I'll be giving my opinions/reviewing upcoming aspects of music & current culture that interests me.

1. MF DOOM - Rapp Snitch Knishes: In my opinon Daniel Dumile (aka MF DOOM, Madvillain, Danger DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, Metal Fingers & King Geedorah) is one of the best rappers/ hip hop producers ever. I would seriously recommend googling any of the aformentioned monikers. That aside, the song has the best rap chorus (& probably the only chorus of DOOM's career)of the 2000's, crazy/ funny lyrics over a looped breezy guitar solo & bass & drums. It's really that good. Too bad Doom only raps on the 2nd verse.

2. Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push: I am not a skater, I have never wanted to skateboard, nor have I ever wore a pair of Vans a day in my life (nor do I intend to), but this song is just cool. Its one of those story telling songs, about a skater guy who's pretty much a reject falling for a skater girl (of which I assume she's no stranger to knee pads) over chilled out horns and synths. Def one of my favs.

3. The Diplomats - Push It: This is one of the worst songs ever. Cam'ron is one of my fav rappers, but damn this is awful. Think 4 grown men not even rhyming, talking about "dookey love", "ra ra na na ha ha I keep that blam blam" & quoting "Me so horney" over Salt N Pepa's "Push It". It really is worth a listen, because it's so bad.

4. Soulja Boy - "Turn My Swag On": What the hell is he saying? Other than the chorus the song is just 3:26 min of a dilluted teen spewing random cliche's w/ an incredibly bama-ish (country) sounding accent. Easily the most obnoxious ringtone (no one listens all the way through) ever.

5. Chester French - "The Jimmy Choo's": This is very left of center from what I usually listen to, but for pop/rock I really like it. Though the singing lasts for like 2 min. the guitars, organs, and synths make the song. Cool song, especially for the summer.


Justin Guarini said...

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