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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Real talk: G-Shocks

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As much as I blog about my hate of hipsters, from a first glace at me you would think I am one. Why? Do I wear Vans? - Never. Do I wear painted on Levi’s? – Levi’s yes, painted on, no. Wait- is that a G-Shock: Yes. Apparently, one of the hipster du jours are the colorful digital watches that came out around the eighties (Really anything colorful & 80s = hipster bait). Personally, I like G-Shocks. I only have 1 (black/green 2008), but I plan on copping a new one by Summer’s end that will set me back 99$. When you think about it, less than 100$ on a watch you can match w/ clothes makes sense. Also, the battery life on them are crazy. Not to mention, who can resist the whole futuristic retroisms of the design. If you have money to spend and you are looking for something to match your gear. Invest in a G-Shock and save the extra 69.99$ you would have spent on the J’s. It is a recession you know.