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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drake - So Far Gone mixtape review

Aubrey Graham bka Drake is apparently the hottest new artist in rap right now. Girls like him, Dudes like him, even I don't think he is without his talents. Also, he played a character on Degrassi, which says a lot if you can from a teenage soap opera star (in a wheelchair nonetheless) to a respected rapper. I figured with all of the buzz of his song "Best I Ever Had" I would give the mixtape a listen.

First, I had the preconcieved notion that he was just some pop-rap little wayne knock-off, because of the single, but listening to the mixtape...I was right. This mixtape def is appealing to the ladies (even when he isn't singing) & "hipsters" ( covering songs like Kanye's Say You Will & others from Santigold, Lykke Li & Peter Bjorn & John as well as the dark, 808s & Heartbreak-esque synth beats). One thing can be said though, he can rap. He isnt the best in the world, but he has talent. What ruins this tape for me is 1) the signing w/ and w/o the Autotune. He has an alright voice, but it is a very POP voice. The ladies will eat it up, but what guy really wants to hear that. 2) Since I can't stand Lil Wayne, his appearances, not to mention Drake's flow are constant reminders of Lil Wayne. Those things aside,I was expecting worse.

7/10 Listen to: Lust For Life, Ignorant Shit & Say What's Real
Avoid: Houstatlantavegas, A Night Off