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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

50 Cent - War Angel LP mixtape review

Who doesn't know 50 Cent? Even if you aren't a fan of hip hop everybody knows "Fiddy Cent" because not only has he become ubiquitous this decade, but he has actually become the "gangstER rapper " archtype. White, Black, Asian, when you think gangsta rapper, you picture 50. However, he became succesful in a time when America was in love w/ hard rap & even flops at that time sold like 200,000. Now that that era is over, he has had a hard time controlling the pop audience, as well as gaining respect from the hip hop audience. This mixtape is supposed to be his return to gritty rap.

From the get go, you'll notice he's using a screw-like effect on his voice for most of the cd (which IMO makes him sound like Ja Rule ironically), which gets annoying really fast. He has never been the best lyrically, but what got him over was his voice and his ability to craft catchy hooks. Since most of the mixtape is w/ this altered voice, a lot of the grimy, yet polished beats are sort of wasted. 50 hardly ever strays away from his comfort zone of gritty lyrics & sex and he still doesn't, but the vocal effect really ruins things. It turned a collection of predictablly listenable 50 songs into (let's be real) a piss ass Hell Rell "street album". I guess, however, 50 sticks to his evil gutter character rather than strives for anything Pop on the mixtape, which will please his base. My thing is if he had to picked characters he could have picked a more listenable/entertaining guise; I probably would have loved this cd if he did it all in the Pimpin Curly voice.

6/10: Listen to: CREAM 2009, I Gotta Win, I'll do anything
Avoid: London Girls, Cocaine