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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Air Yeezy's...really?...

I like Kanye West, I like looking fashionable & I like Nikes, but really...what kind of hipster crackhead would walk out the house wearing this? Glarring bright colors, a gaudy strap, & a southern chick thick tongue make this sneaker look more like a Hall-O-Ween costume than a shoe. Especially w/ the recently unisex painted on jeans guys seem to be rocking now, you'd be walking out the house looking like a cartoon caracter. I'm sorry but these shoes should only be for Kanye's die hard knob slobberers or if you wanna dress like Protoman (which ironically this blog is somewhat modeled on)
* pic spotted on http://www.sdsuwebteam.com/eric/


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