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Monday, June 22, 2009

Chester French - Love the Future album review

D.A. Wallach & Max Drummey are the singer & producer duo known as Chester French. Over the past year they have been accumulating a very diverse/unique fanbase from many factors:
1) They are a pop group.
2) They are the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & whatshisface)'s new artists.
3) They spent 2 weeks as MTV artist of the week
4) They stay on hip hop blogs as the "when you need a break from rap artists".
5) Random cosigns from: Q-tip, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri, Common, Lindsey Lohan & Ja Rule.
The cd is in a nutshell: hip hop flavored surf-rock from Harvard graduates, which sounds awful, but it works mostly. The best songs are usually combinations of rock guitars, synthesizers, hip hop break beats, along with D.A. Wallach's poppy vocals. Also, the cd switches from dramatic Portuguese, to surf rock/pop, to "Hey Ya!", then country with ease. Though it shows the group's range, it is also the biggest flaw. The collection as a whole can appear to be pretentious and cheesy, in it's attempt to appeal to everyone. Lines like "Just another shorty w/ a fatty" & "[Kan]Ye said there'd be Drunk & Hot Girls" prove how at times they seem desperate to appeal to the hip hop base. Not to mention, at times Wallach's voice can be annoying and Drummey's production can be a little too quirky. All in All, the whole cd is full of hits and misses. Either the song are fun and catchy or just corny. However, it was definitely an interesting listen.
8.2/10: Listen to: The Jimmy Choo's, She Loves Everybody, Not Over You
Avoid: Neal & Beneath the Veil