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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cam'ron - Crime Pays: Album Review

After "disappearing" for two years, Cam'ron is back with his 6th cd. Cam'ron is one of those rappers you either love or hate, because of either his trademark flow (some call it ABC flow, others call it style) or what he represents as the cliche' NY gangsta rapper. Cam has always managed to remain relavent in hip hop, because he's always been entertaining. From beefs with Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent & now his fellow Diplomats, he knows how to create drama & uses it to influence his craft. Honestly, this cd is everything what's wrong with rap music; Excessive language, violence, sex content, drug dealing & materialism, but Cam's dry wit & rhyme scheme have always served to distinguish himself from hundreds of other no-name rappers doing the same thing.
Oddly, this cd probably has the worst production value of any Cam cd yet. Beats on songs such as, "Never Ever", "Chalupa", "Woo Hoo" sound pretty cheap and generic. It sounds like someone is rhyming over video game soundtracks. Then, some of the better produced songs sound pretty cliche'd anyway, like "Homicide" and "Got it for Cheap". However, when the songs do work, they are gritty and full of classic Dipset style. "Cookin' Up"'s whole first verse is quotable, "Spend the Night" is hypnotic, "My Job" is probablly some of Cam's best lyrics and concepts ever, while "Get It in Ohio" is straight gutter music. All in all, the cd plays like a mixtape, since most of these songs have been around for like a year, and because of the production. However, more than any of Cam'ron's other cds, Crime Pays puts the spotlight on Cam & his lyrics and delivery, which he has enough for a few rappers.
6.9/10: Listen to: "Cookin' Up", "Spend the Night"& "Get It In Ohio"
Avoid: "Cookies & Applejuice", "Never Ever", & "Bottom of the P***y"