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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My opinion on the Maury show

*pic from vanedave.xanga.com

I know that the general consensus of the Maury show is that it is a combination of hoodrats, trailer trash, and other randomly assorted losers airing out their personal problems for America to see in a minstrel show fashion. However, I think the show does a great service to people in general. First of all, if the people did want to be exploited, they wouldn't have put themselves on that sort of platform anyway. So what if Jacquannel has 5 kids and there's 8 possible fathers; it's her bussiness if she wants to put herself out in the open. Plus, these women actually are getting help, when they go on those paternity tests. Rather than having to pay for it, they can take care of what needs to be taken care of by paying...in entertainment value. The Woman wins, her kid(s) win, Maury wins, and we win for watching. My favorite part of the show is when they have the unruly teenage girls who have done a crazy amount of drugs and have had literally a football team run up in them, and Maury tries to reform them of their deplorable ways. Apparently their parents weren't solving the problem, so Maury may as well step in. I call for all of the, frankly haters, to come up with a better solution for these problems. Any course in sociolgy would tell you a lot of these situations are products of environments that the people have little control over. If anyone can give a rational solution to help those teenage girls reform, provide single mothers the access to find their childrens' fathers and even provide a source of pride for the transgendered (Quess what: were they born a boy or a girl episodes), then I will eat my words. Until then, Maury Povich...you are doing a service for America.