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Monday, July 6, 2009

Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt classics review

This is Jay-Z's first album, and is claimed by hip hop heads & hipsters alike as Jay-Z's best cd. It is even seen on the level of Nas' Illmatic FYI: Which is the best rap album EVER (according to those same hipsters & old people). So is Reasonable Doubt that good? In 2009, it still is, honestly. Of course the "Columbian"(probablly Puerto Rican) talking nonsense on the beginning of a lot of the songs is annoying, and some of the production seems dated, being 13 years later. Other than that, Jay is at his best lyrically. "Can't Knock the Hustle", "Aint No Nigga" & "Brooklyn's Finest" (Feat. Biggie) still run respectable radio rotation in NY stations, because those songs still emain lyrical, yet catchy even half a (young black - let's be real)lifespan later. "D'Evils" and "22 Two's" still remain witty and hardhitting lyrically, while "Feeling It" and "Regrets" are laid back riding anthems. I'm not one of those old people (who frankly should have stopped listening to rap, in favor for circa 90's R&B) or hipsters (who should be at some Santigold or Cool Kids or whatever they listen to concert) who tell you IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS CD, YOU'RE NOT HIP HOP. However, the cd really is good. It isn't repeatable for casual listeners of 2009, like say Jay's 2001 Blueprint. If you do enjoy 90's rap or raw lyrics, though, you'll love this.

9/10 Listen to: "Brooklyn's Finest", "Feelin' It", "D'Evils" & "Dead Presidents"
Avoid: "Coming Of Age" ...really thats it