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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr. Spaceman Hates...

5. Mandals: I've said plenty of times about how I'm not big on the fake surfer thing (sidebar: I actually was in Hollister today for the 1st time), but frankly, Mandals (Man sandals, flip flops) are the reason why. I really think flip flops should be left to the ladies, who keep their feet done. That's all. Also, if you're a guy & you keep you're toes meticullously in shape...you have other issues to worry about, my friend.

4. Drake: I've dedicated enough posts to how much I dislike Vanilla Lil Wayne.

3. Hating for no reason: I'm actually a fan of objective hate, but I can't stan people who can't mind their own business long enough to let other people breathe. If it doesn't affect you, mind you're business. Go for yours and I'll go for mine.

2. Preachers who are not Preachers: Some people have the habit of giving out advice, when it is not needed or when they're not in the position to be giving out advice. If someone needs help, go for it, but please don't feel you need to interfere with someone's life to feed your ego.

1. Not having enough hours in a day lol.


*rule number one keep your fazers on stun*