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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak album review

(I know I'm real late, but I just downloaded the new version of Paranoid & thought now's a good time.)

The premise of the cd was that Kanye was mourning the passing of his mother & split from his fiance, so in a cathartic rush, he released a cd about how he felt for those few months. To be honest, because of the autotune, for most of the cd he sounds like he is singing while a garbage disposal is running behind him. He really does not have a horrible normal voice, so the lightly autotuned songs are very impressive, as well as the production of the cd as a whole. It's just the autotuned vocals that ruin the effort. Songs like Coldest Winter, Say You Will & Paranoid work, because the autotune isn't as prominent as other tracks. While songs like Robocop, Heartless & Love Lockdown have production so interesting, it really doesn't matter who is singing over it. Either way, the cd is generally good, but the vocals can get grating at time. Also, because of the rush to put the cd out, some songs seem unfinished. Streetlights is basically 1 hook being repeated over and over, Bad News is more of an interlude, and the cd version of Paranoid (though undeniably catchy in it's futurisdtic retroism) is barely two minutes of Kanye singing (I guess...). All in all, if the same production was given to an actual singer (say Ne-Yo) who took the time to write full songs, this cd would have been near perfect. Oh well. Kanye doesn't screw up that badly doing his own singing.

7.9/10 Listen to: Say You Will, Coldest Winter, Heartless (& download the video version of Paranoid)
Avoid: Street Lights, Love Lockdown, See You In My Nightmares